Everything You Need to Know About the Overwatch World Cup Qualifiers

Welcome to the Overwatch World Cup 2023 Online Qualifiers! Now that Denmark, Portugal, Iceland, and Finland qualified through the Wild Card Challenge, the stage is set for teams to earn their spot in the first Overwatch World Cup LAN tournament in 4 years.

Schedule Overview


You can find the full match schedule here.

Where to Watch

Watch live and earn Overwatch World Cup drops for Overwatch 2 on the following platforms:

PlayOverwatch (Twitch | YouTube) and Overwatch Contenders (Twitch | YouTube).

You can also tune in to some of your favorite streamers and content creators who will host Online Qualifiers watch parties!

Watch Parties

Take part in the celebration and host a Watch Party! Fans, streamers, and content creators are all invited to join in by using the following titles and hashtags when co-streaming:

  • Title: Overwatch World Cup 2023 Watch Party
  • Hashtag: #OWWCstreamteam

Drops are enabled for all Online Qualifiers watch parties.

Drops, Drops, and More Drops

Kick off the 2023 Overwatch World Cup Qualifiers with in-game rewards! From June 18–July 2, watch and earn World Cup celebratory cosmetics when watching on Twitch

  • Watch 2 hours to earn the World Cup 2023 spray
  • Watch 2 hours to earn the World Cup 2023 player icon
  • Watch 4 hours to earn the Winston World Cup home and away skins
  • Watch 4 hours to earn the Wrecking Ball World Cup home and away skins
  • Watch 4 hours to earn the Zenyatta World Cup home and away skins
  • Watch 4 hours to earn the Ramattra World Cup home and away skins

Be sure to connect your Battle.net accounts to Twitch and tune in to earn rewards! Visit overwatchworldcup.com to learn more.

Crowdfunded Prize Pool

For the first time in Overwatch history, we will be crowdfunding the World Cup prize pool with an exciting slate of skins and other in-game cosmetics over the coming months. 25% of all Overwatch World Cup cosmetics and bundles will contribute to the Overwatch World Cup prize pool. There will be no contribution cap, so prizing will continue to grow until crowdfunding ends on the last day of the Overwatch World Cup Finals.

In celebration of our return, we are allocating a portion of the prize pool to all teams competing in the tournament. Percentages will be determined based on tournament placement, with 73% of the total prize pool going to the top 16 teams qualifying for LAN and the remaining 27% equally distributed among the teams that competed in the Online Qualifiers and Wild Card Challenge.    

PlacementPercent (per team)

Our first bundles, the Conference Bundles, will be on sale June 20–26! They feature the new Overwatch World Cup home and away skins for heroes hailing from each of the three regional conferences.


As we get closer to the Finals, we’ll unveil our Legendary and Supporter bundles. We are particularly excited about the Legendary skin which is worthy of the deep blue gods that inspired it. You can check out a sneak peak of the skin in the concept art below:

Soujorn_summerShowdown_legendary polished.jpg
Soujorn_summerShowdown_legendary_weapon polished.jpg

As a thank you to all the supporters of the Overwatch World Cup crowdfunding campaign, we’ll also be rolling out fun milestone rewards like celebratory sprays and player icons that will be distributed to all Overwatch 2 players. Milestone rewards will be revealed alongside the announcement of the Overwatch World Cup Legendary and Supporter Bundles in the fall.

Stay Informed

Follow Overwatch and Path to Pro on Twitter for updates. Make sure to check out overwatchworldcup.com for more details! If there are any questions or concerns, you’re welcome to reach out to us.

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